Customer Success Stories

Many of our customers have reported back with comments of praise, detailing their enjoyed use of our products. Below are but a few.


Before Schlumberger installed ControllerVision for IFM, month-end closing could take more than seven days to complete. The company faced the daunting task of extracting data for 240 departments and 50,000 Unite/Nature combinations.

ControllerVision for IFM, they thought, would be merely a temporary solution. It has turned out to be much more, said MIS Manager Steve Zemke. "Schlumberger's expectations of ControllerVision were nothing more than the ability to print all of our financial reports in one night," he told us. "The actual outcome has been outstanding. Not only were we able to bypass the IFM extract reporting process, we can overcome the Unit/Nature combination problems from the implementation. ControllerVision was critical in finding additional problems we had in our finances as well."

Zemke was also pleased with ALS' support. "[It began] with a near-flawless installation," Steve recalled. "[Then] we required two modifications to the extract due to our unconventional set-up; these were emailed to me the day of the request. The training sessions conducted on site are still raved about to this day."

Diagraph International

After having difficulties obtaining the information it needed to produce financial statements, Diagraph Corporation in Mexico City implemented ControllerVision for IFM. The results have been amazing, reports Director-General Patricio J. Aguilar.

"ControllerVision has allowed us to generate the reports that we need for management, administrative, and fiscal purposes," he stated. "We previously had to run queries and export them to Excel and then sort through them until we had the information we needed. This process could take as long as two days. With ControllerVision, we now have the information within minutes. How about that for efficiency and cost savings!"

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