One of the biggest advantages of our products is the top-notch ALS support behind our products. Advanced Logic Solutions software releases, such as Pacioli/400, are highly intuitive and known for their ease of use, but we also offer several education programs so that you get the most out of our products.

ALS provides on-site training and implementation for everything we sell, and we can also provide training at our facility in Marietta, Georgia. We think you'll find our products require significantly less training time--allowing you to get back to business quickly.

We recommend class sizes be limited to six people. The education schedule is as follows:

Product Length of Time

ControllerVision II

2 days

ControllerVision for IFM

3 days on site

2 days pre-installation

3 days post-installation

Pacioli/400 Power Ledger

2-3 days

Pacioli/400 GLAPAR

8 days

The fee for education is $1,800 per day. Travel time is charged at half the daily rate. To request more information on our training and education programs, please contact us.